SSA Scholarship winner

When Noemi filled out the application for the Scholastics Sportsmanship and Athletics scholarship, or SSA, offered by the Optimist Club of Fort Worth, she was already considered a winner by the group because she was nominated for the contest.

The club offers scholarships to students at Fort Worth high schools who excel in school and sports. Noemi’s application touched on her grades and class ranking — details she doesn’t like to brag about. It also discussed how as captain of the soccer team she encouraged teammates in 2018 when the school moved from a Class 5A to a 6A district, a higher competition level.

“My team was discouraged by the news,” Noemi wrote. “My team was frightened that moving up to a more challenging district would cause us to break our 10-year streak of going to playoffs. Although we did not make it to playoffs this year, with the help of our coaches, myself and other team leaders, we motivated my underclassmen teammates to come back next year for more 6A challenges.”

Noemi’s story touched Richard Fahy, the Optimist Club’s liaison for Trimble Tech.

“She stood out for me because she seemed very mature,” Fahy said. “Her story was important. She had overcome so much being homeless.”

Wood, who taught Noemi web technologies, said she is a motivated, hardworking, friendly student.

“You don’t even see her having a bad day. If she has one, you don’t see it on her face,” Wood said.

Next fall, Noemi won’t be too far from her Trimble Tech family. She will attend classes at TCU less than five miles from her high school. She will commute to classes from her aunt’s house.

“I did my research and they have one of the best nursing programs in Texas,” Noemi said.

“It’s familiar. It’s close to home. It just feels right,” she said.

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